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Custom desktops - not just for gaming

Clearwater Computers is the specialized shop for all gaming equipment needs and custom built computers. Custom builds are not just for gaming either. Ask about how a custom built computer from our shop can not only benefit you with outstanding performance but save you money immediately and over time with maintenance and repairs.

Whether you are needing a budget friendly PC that can still play modern games or you are interested in a system with SLI or Crossfire graphics, watercooling, with a quad core CPU that you can overclock for insane performance and benchmarking results - we are here for you. To best protect your investment let our research, experience, cable management skills, and expertise make sure your computer not only looks great inside and out, but performs the best it can. We know all of the ins-and-outs, what to fine tune, and all of the little details that can be overlooked but could drastically reduce your system's performance and stability if done improperly.

Performance Driven quality

Custom tailored for maximum performance, gaming desktops from Clearwater Computers makes sure there isn't anything holding you back. High performance doesn't come without consequences and can push temperatures into scorching heights. Help keep your system cool in the face of any challenge thrown at it with professionally installed liquid cooling devices from top performing brands such as Corsair® and Cooler Master®.

Push your system with power

For unrivalled performance, Clearwater Computers recommends the Intel Core iSeries processors to beat the competition without mercy. When you have your computer professionally built and installed with us - you use our experience, expertise, and up-to-date research to make sure you are getting the most processing power out of your high-end gaming computer.

With the quad-core or hex-core processors, you will notice an undeniable boost in your computer's ability to handle multitasking and games without cripplingly slow performance that some systems provide. Load faster, run smoother, and enjoy playing your games the way they were meant to be with the processing power of Intel® and AMD®.

gaming with powerful graphics

Clearwater Computers uses only the best to push your graphics into the next dimension of visual optimization with next generation graphics cards from NVIDIA® and AMD Radeon. Whether you want to push one card or multiple cards with SLI or Crossfire, the job will get done right with us.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming experience with high definition visuals, detailed 3D environments, and stunning lighting and shadow effects that will bring things to life in ways never imagined. A good graphics card is not limited to just gaming either, you will notice the quality in videos and pictures too.

With Clearwater Computers, you utilize our experience with performance monitoring and overclocking software to push your GPU capabilities to the max.

Style, airflow, and performance

Clearwater Computers top selling gaming towers are the Aerocool Ultimate Gaming Series cases. These cases are the ideal "mid towers" for gamers and PC enthusiasts. We recommended the Aerocool cases because of the solidly constructed chassis using SECC Japanese Steel, up to 8 fan mounting options, pre-drilled cable management holes with high-end rubber protection, removable and washable PSU filters, watercooling ready, and of course the engineering brilliance for optimal airflow that you tap into when choosing Aerocool® and Clearwater Computers for your custom built computers.

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